Meek Mill Told Apryl Jones She And Fizz Are “Outta Pocket” For Their Relationship And The Couple Decided To Respond

People aren’t letting this Apryl Jones and Fizz relationship situation go, and it likely has a lot to do with the fact that she won’t stop talking about it.

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star has responded to a lot of the criticism her relationship with the father of her children’s group mate has received by hitting back and portraying that she’s unbothered. On Monday, she shared a photo of the couple hugged up and captioned it, “My goal is that someone sees my page and decides to grow strong, live YOUR life, and not give a f*ck.”

Her message of empowered living was quickly met with people commenting on how messy their whole situation is, including a comment from rapper Meek Mill.

The “Going Bad” rapper responded to the photo by saying, “Y’all outta pocket for this move” with a laughing emoji, followed by “No disrespect.”

Surprisingly, Fizz ended up seeing what Meek commented and responded to him by saying, “Only thing outta pocket is what I paid for the dinner.”

*Cues womp womp womp horn*

We guess Fizz was getting sick of well known men giving he and Apryl a hard time about their relationship. We told you back in late October that Love and Hip Hop New York star Joe Budden lauded Omarion in response to learning of Fizz and Apryl’s relationship. As he told Twitter, “Omarion don’t get enough credit for just chillin cuz man listen……”

Other notable men agreed, with producer Rico Love saying, “That’s a FACT!!! Fizz supposed get his a– BEAT!!!!!” and retired NBA star Matt Barnes agreeing with the butt-whooping sentiment. With that being said, Meek joins a long list of famous men who are none too pleased with what they see as betrayal on the couple’s part. However, as previously mentioned, Apryl isn’t letting a little thing like public backlash keep her from doing what she wants. She’s countered criticism by calling out her ex’s alleged bad behaviorand lack of financial support for their kids, and by telling people that they can’t talk about her life, including Meek. She actually responded to his comment on her page by pointing out that he tried to shoot his shot with her, so his comment was definitely disrespectful.

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