Mayweather’s OTHER Daughter Threatens To Stab Bhad Bhabie! (‘We Stab B*tches’)

Floyd Mayweather’s 19-year-old daughter Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather is facing a possible 99-year prison sentence, after allegedly stabbing the baby’s mother of her fiancé, rapper NBA Youngboy.

Well, the champ’s other daughter—16-year-old Jirah Mayweather— is now threatening to do the same, this time to female rapper Bhad Bhabie.

It all started yesterday when Bhad Bhabie was caught on video making some comments that some found racist (see the above video). Jirah Mayweather commented on Bhad Bhabie’s page and called out the former Dr. Phil show guest.

But Bhad Bhabie clapped back, as soon as she saw the famous teen’s comment. The 17-year-old formerly Caucasian rapper said that she would “slap” Jirah” when she sees her next.

Well, Jirah fired back – and her response was EXTREMELY inappropriate. Jirah told Bhad Bhabie that the Mayweather girls “don’t fight b*tches, we stab them.”

Jirah’s sister Iyanna, 19, was arrested last week and charged with stabbing NBA Youngboy’s baby’s mother during a fight in Houston. Iyanna is facing 99 years in prison if convicted.

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