Masika Kalysha Slams Fetty Wap: ‘You Got A Groupie H*e Around My Kid!!’

Masika Kalysha is not happy with baby daddy Fetty Wap, and took to social media to put him on blast, accusing the rapper of being “toxic.”

“Tell the whore you called a mistake I’m not the f*cking one to play with!” she wrote on Instagram. “I will go to jail or hell behind my f*cking child. After u swore u would never have my child around any of yo hoes that you haven’t introduced me to yet you got this groupie hoe around my kid taking a sneak picture like a fan in the f*ckin bathroom looking real statutory! I’m bout to hop on the red eye to black her eye and snatch the other eye out ya f*cking face.”

Fetty Wap reportedly tied the not over the summer, but Masika did not name names, so it’s only an assumption that the jabs were aimed at his spouse.

Masika had some more words for Fetty’s girl.

“Enjoy ya missery with everyones n*gga by ya f*ckin lonesome! You couldn’t pay me $ to f*ck wit that toxic trash ass n*gga but you so insecure u wanna involve my child. I’m the wrong b*tch.”

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