Marriage Boot Camp’ SeasonFinale Recap: A SurpriseProposal Rocks The House

Every season of Marriage Boot Camp ends with a ring ceremony, but Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez and boyfriend Ballistic Beats took things a step further during the April 8 season finale, when he got down on one knee and legitimately proposed to her. It came as a shock to her since he didn’t actually have a ring in his box when he initially opened it for her — so she actually thought he wanted to split — but that wasn’t the case at all. He just wanted to surprise her when he finally asked her the question she had been dying to get asked.

“I want you to be with me forever,” he began. “And I did a lot of thinking. The stuff that we’ve been through, I’ve never seen anybody go through the stuff we’ve been through and still be strong like this. I love you very much.” Then, he asked, “Will you marry me?” And she said, “Yep, absolutely.” Then, they kissed.

During their confessional after the proposal, Joseline squealed and said, “I’m super excited … I’m like a princess in the happiest world. I’m engaged — boot camp worked!” And Ballistic added, “For me and our relationship, the good overweighs the bad. And, that’s just bottom line.”

Later inside, Joseline said, “The wedding is going to happen December 25, 2020,” and that’s when everyone realized Ballistic had truly proposed to Joseline so they offered some “cogratulations” to the happy couple.

As for the rest of the couples — everyone left the house together, except for Bianca Bonnie and Chozus. They got kicked out after it was revealed that he was in an emotional relationship with another woman. So they didn’t even make it to the ring ceremony.

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