Marriage Boot Camp’ Fans Call Tahiry A Hypocrite As Vado Is Kicked Out Of The House

When WeTV released the clip of Tahiry being choked by Vado, they were quick to cancel him until they saw footage of her assaulting him by throwing apples into his face — now they are calling Tahiry and the show producers hypocrites for removing Vado.

While Vado was wrong for putting his hands on her, Tahiry threw two apples, baseball-style — right into his face in front of the other housemates. She then told him to go and make “applesauce.”

She also slammed a chair up against him.

Vado was upset that he was being removed and Tahiry was not.

“I’m not kicking you out of the program, but I gotta get you out of this house,” Dr. Ish told Vado before sending him to a hotel.

“She can hit you with two hands on the face, you still can’t put hands back on her,” Dr. Ish told him. “You gotta use some words. You can’t use hands. You know you can’t do that. I can’t have you around her.

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