Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition” Exclusive: Laura Govan Confronts Her Father About Never Addressing Her Molester

Laura Govan And Her Father Face Off Over Her Childhood Trauma

The trauma runs REALLY deep on “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition” this season. On this week’s episode, Laura confronts her parents about the sex abuse she suffered from one of her father’s relatives and when they compare their memories of what happened, things don’t match up

Here’s more details about the episode:

An exercise about shared reality leaves the families shaken by emotional earthquakes. But when the families can’t see each other’s perspective, half the boot campers are left in jail, where they must remain until they can see the other side.

MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP: FAMILY EDITION – “FAMILY LOCK UP” –Airs Friday, October 25th at 10/9C on WeTV

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