Marlo Hampton’s New Look Has Fans Comparing Her to This Housewife.. Hott Mess

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Marlo Hamptongot plastic surgery, and now she looks like her cast mate Porsha Williams. At least that’s a theory circulating online.

A photo of Hampton’s new look appeared on her Instagram Story on Thursday, and it showed the reality star in front of a green screen. She’s also wearing part of her hair up and sporting a sequined top as well as big hoop earrings.

“Her and Porsha could be sisters,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“That nose contour everything else,” wrote someone else.

“She went to the plastic surgeon with Porsha’s pictures,” another person stated.

“I see Marlo, Porsha and Normani,” wrote a fourth person, who brought up the former Fifth Harmony singer.

Williams and Hampton were also compared to each other over two months ago.

Because on Sept. 28 Williams shared a photo of herself, Hampton, Tanya Sam and Cynthia Bailey in Greece, and many mentioned the strong resemblance between Williams and Hampton.

“Porsha n marlo look alike n this pic,” someone wrote beneath the photo. 

“Why does Marlo look like Porsha?” another person asked. 

“Is that Marlo in all black?” a third person questioned. “Kinda looks like you @porsha4real ?.”

And speaking of wearing all black, Williams caused a big stir after she posted a photo of herself in a body-hugging black dress earlier this week. 

The pic shows her standing next to a staircase with her hair up and sporting long earrings. 

That particular photo has over 51,000 likes, and many people used the word “beautiful” to describe the 38-year-old. And they brought up how in-shape Williams looked after giving birth to her daughter Pilar Jhena McKinleyback in March.

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