Marlo Hampton Shells Out Big Bucks To Settle Tax Debt To IRS

Known for her over the top luxurious lifestyle, reality star Marlo Hampton appears to spare no expense on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as she pals around with the other ladies.

And it appears that she’s taken the same approach in dealing with her tax troubles.

Hampton has made a deal to pay the Internal Revenue Service over back taxes to the tune of five figures

The reality star, who makes frequent appearances on the Bravo! show, has paid back more than $13,000 in back federal taxes.

Uncle Sam slapped the Atlanta cast member with the lien back in July 2019, according to the lien, which was obtained by BOSSIP.

The feds listed Hampton’s line of work as “self-employed” and said the debt in question was accrued from her income in 2017.

However, Hampton paid the debt – a total of $13,418 – in full, and the IRS came back March 17 and filed paperwork announcing that she was free and clear of the lien.

The involved auntie appeared to be on a debt clearing spree; the month before, she also paid another tax bill of less than $100 in property taxes to her local county, the bill shows.

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