Malaysia Pargo Claims Viewers Are Too Invested In TV Series

Malaysia Pargo rose to fame when she became one of the ladies enlisted to lead the ‘Basketball Wives’ spinoff ‘Basketball Wives LA’ for VH1 in 2011.

During her time on the show, the entrepreneurial Wife‘ became a revered and respected Reality TV staple after her series eclipsed its Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada-fronted predecessor with help from Draya Michele and Jackie Christie.

Unfortunately, when O’Neal’s version of the show was cancelled because of ratings fears, a number of its Wives emigrated to Malaysia’s territory and colonised ‘LA’ by forcing Brandi Maxielle, a bold and beloved fan favourite, out of the series to make way for themselves.

The final result? A crossover series led by members of the ‘Miami’ franchise and the ‘LA’ wives who fell in line with O’Neal’s vision for the platform.

This week Pargo has responded to the criticism she is facing for the part she played in the show’s bullying and colorism horror.

Pargo has been on the receiving end of criticism from viewers since Maxielle’s departure as many of them believe she betrayed her friend’s trust by befriending the women who pushed her out of the show she helped to build.

Watch the moment Maxielle  turned up to work on the series after its widely panned  ‘Miami’ takeover.

Malaysia now hopes to remind those who feel she has changed for the worst not to take the show too seriously. It’s All For A Check..

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