Lyrica Anderson Moves Out After A1 Allegedly Smashed A Thot He Met On A Commercial Flight

Lyrica Anderson packed her bags and she was out the door last night on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood”. The singer is just TIRED of hearing things about her husband A1 allegedly creeping. After their relationship was already put into distress with A1 admitting to cheating with Summer Bunni, a  random girl DMs Lyrica about her husband smashing her friend after they hit it off 30,000 feet up in the air.

The anonymous woman messaged Lyrica saying that A1 and her friend met on a plane and then invited the girl to his hotel room after they landed. Clearly, there’s no trust in this marriage already and Lyrica is tired of the infidelity and lies. Instead of asking A1 about it, she swiftly packed up everything (minus A1’s dog).

Hit play to see it.

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