Ludacris Begs Georgia Residents To “Stay The F*ck Home!”

Ludacris joins many others in pleading with the public not to return to normal life when businesses reopen in Georgia on Friday.

From the onset of this quarantine, officials knew there were going to be problems. There was chatter about how governments would respond to reacclimating residents to the outside world after signing off on quarantine ordinances that kept people at home. Some authorities have attempted to extend their “Stay At Home” orders, they say for the health and safety of citizens worldwide, but thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest. Ludacrisisn’t one of them.

Some people believe that citizens are being stripped of their freedoms by being told that there’s a COVID-19 pandemic forcing them indoors. Florida has opened its beaches to the dismay of many residents, however, within minutes, thousands of people flocked to the sandy shores. Georgia governor Brian Kemp is calling for a sort of soft-opening for the Peach State, declaring that certain businesses may reopen on Friday.

While people are excited to see that the world is soon returning to normal, others like T.I., Killer Mike, and Ludacris have stepped forward to warn against returning to regular interactions.“STAY TF AT HOME GA!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾,” Luda wrote in a caption to a meme. He posted another text image that reads, “Guess who is open to do your nails and eyebrows? The funeral home! If you want an appointment, keep running around.” In the caption Ludacris added, “Somebody Had To Say It. This is Not The Time to Play Games.” Do you agree it’s time for people to return to normal, or are you with Luda and think that folks should continue to stay at home?

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