Lucci Surrenders To Police Over Racketeering Charges!

Word On The Curb..Lucci surrendered to Atlanta police over racketeering charges.

He has been in jail for at least a week.

The rapper and 11 others turned themselves in after being named in a 105-count indictment targeting the Bloods gang. Lucci was freed from jail weeks back after posting bond in a separate murder case

Drew Findling, Bennett’s attorney, denies the rapper is a member of the gang. “He’s not guilty of all charges,” Findling said.

Court documents say the racketeering case filed April 30 involves, among other things, the felony murder of James Adams, in which Lucci is accused along with two others. Prosecutors claim Lucci and three gang members traveled to a rival gang area and that Lucci was driving the car when Adams and a front-seat passenger fired multiple shots. Adams was hit by return fire and was put out of the vehicle a short distance away.

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