Love & Hiphop Kimbella Accused Of Cheating On Juelz While He’s In Jail!!

There’s a bunch of drama popping off on Instagram between Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella, and a popular podcaster Star Brim.

Star is a popular New York celebrity insider and podcaster – she’s also Cardi B’s best friend, and the godmother to her daughter Kulture. Star is also making some explosive allegations regarding the very married Love & Hip Hop star, Kimbella.

To fully understand how this transpired, here’s the back story. A little more than a year ago, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a fight at a NY Fashion Week show. And during the altercation, Nicki’s friend Rah Ali got in the middle of it, and attacked Cardi – leaving a speed knot on her head.

Well Star – who is Cardi’s best friend – has had beef with Rah ever since.

Star and Rah got into a back and forth on IG yesterday, and Star decided to expose Rah – and inadvertently told on Kimbella.

According to Star, Kimbella, the married Love and Hip Hop star offered up sex to another man. Star claims that Kim offered to have sex with the manager of popular Brooklyn rapper Favio, possibly in exchange for favors.

Kimbella has not responded to Star’s accusations.

Kimbella’s husband Juelz Santana is currently in federal prison. He is expected to be released this summer.

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