Love & Hiphop Apryl Accuses J Boog Of Having Sex w/ Omarion’s MAMA!!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s reunion show was on last night – and it was explosive.

But the most explosive moment came when Apryl Jones – Omarion’s babys mother – accused B2K member J Boog, of sleeping with Omarion’s mother.

Apryl made the accusation against J Boog, after the B2K member questioned her relationship with Omarion’s former best friend and B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

Apryl snitched, “There were other relationships happening [with B2K members] and members of Omarion’s family.”

So far Omarion, B2Ks star and successful solo artist, seems unbothered by the Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones relationship. It’s not clear whether he will feel the same about J Boog’s alleged relationship with his mama.

Fizz caught a lot of heat for violating what’s known as the “bro code,” the belief that men should not have sexual involvement with women their friends’ lovers, past or present. We expect that J Blog will face similar criticism from B2K fans, if Apryl’s claims are true.

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