Love And Flip Flop Miami’ Newbie Nikki Natural Says The Baddest Basset Hound Disrespected Her Kids

Love And Hip Hop Miami” newbie Nikki Natural burned multiple bridges during her first season on the show. She was originally dating Trick Daddy, but that ended after it was rumored she messed around with Brisco. Trick Daddy was furious because Nikki told him she was celibate. And Joy was the person who told Trick about the rumor.

Nikki denied doing anything with Brisco. But Trick ended the relationship anyway.

And Nikki would later clash with Trina before things got violent with Sukihana and Hood Brat.

She hasn’t been seen on the show since.

Hours ago, Nikki had something else to say about Trina.

Nikki Natural has a lot of enemies on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” She clashed with Sukihana and stole her phone. Later on, things got violent between her and Sukihana at Trina’s boot camp. And Hood Brat got involved.

After the chaos, Trina decided to call off the tour. But things also got heated between Trina and Nikki. And Trina went off after Nikki call her the “b” word.

Nikki claims Trina said some harsh things to her at the reunion.

And earlier today, she accused Trina of disrespecting her kids. 

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