Lori Harvey DUMPS Future & Starts Dating His FRIEND!! (Future’s Twitter Meltdown)

Lori Harvey and Future are officially over – and the step daughter of legendary funnyman Steve Harvey is now reportedly dating his friend, MTO News has learned.

There were rumors that the couple had been split for months. But now those rumors appear to have been confirmed by Future, who had a Twitter meltdown yesterday.

According to online reports, Future found out that Lori Harvey has been dating one of his homies. And he BLACKED OUT on Twitter.

The Freebandz rapper wrote that he feels “disrespected.” Then the father of 10 suggested that Lori was “smashing the homie.”

Future and Lori Harvey had been dating for nearly a year, and it seemed pretty serious. For a time, Lori even moved into Future’s Beverly Hills penthouse condo.

But reports started circulating a couple of months ago, that the two had split – shortly before the quarantine.

So we know what you’re wondering – which “homie” of Future’s is Lori supposedly dating? No one knows for sure, but social media reports say that she’s dating an “entertainment executive.”

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