Lori Harvey Charged With 2 Misdemeanors In Hit-And-Run Case!!

Lori Harvey has been charged with two misdemeanors and is facing a potential one-year prison sentence following her hit-and-run arrest in October.

According to several points, the socialite has been charged with one count of resisting, delaying, obstructing a peace officer and one count of hit and run resulting in property damage.

An eye witness to the incident claimed that Lori crashed her Mercedes SUV into another vehicle, causing her car to flip over while driving home in Beverly Hills. She was reportedly returning home from spending the weekend with rapper, Future, and was texting him at the time.

Prior to dating Future, it was rumored that she had been dating music mogul, Diddy, but he was not ready to commit.

“Him and Lori had a fun fling but Diddy is still healing and focusing on himself right now,” an insider told E! News. “He is not ready to be in a long-term committed relationship and is focusing on his kids right now.”

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