Loni Love Made Boyfriend Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement When They Started Dating: “It’s Because Of The People Around Him”

Stars are getting non-disclosure agreements for just about everything these days, to keep quiet the people they party with, call friends, consider having a long-term relationship with and more. Loni Love revealed on an episode of The Real this week that it’s all for good reason, and she should know because she has one with boyfriend James Welsh.

“If you know you’re coming up in the world and things are happening, ’cause you notice how now, all of a sudden, like Jessica Simpson and all of them are writing these books and they’re telling their side of the story and everything? Possibly if they had an NDA, they couldn’t do that because that could ruin your brand.”

Somebody making false — not saying what {Simpson] is saying is false, but in general, it could really hurt your brand and could hurt you as a person. You might consider that.”

The star revealed that she made her boyfriend of nearly two years sign one, but not because she feels like can’t trust him.

“I’m just saying. I have one,” she said. “I made James sign one. Because the NDA isn’t for him, it’s because of the people around him.”

The clip didn’t allow for Love to go into more detail about why she felt going that route was necessary (and what kind of business she has out here that she needs to conceal), but having the agreement seems to have worked out for the best for the couple. Love has said on more than one occasion that she’s the happiest she’s been in a relationship with Welsh, despite criticism for him being white.

“Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a White male…,” she said on Twitter, “but for years Black males have dated White and ‘E xotic’ women and no one questions it. #lovewhileyoucan”

The two met through a dating app and after he initially ghosted her, things heated up between the two, and she hasn’t looked back, saying he’s there for her in a way no other man has been.

“He’s different, his culture’s different from mine, but when we come together we know about compatibility,” she said last year. “That’s never changing.”

“It’s not about him being better because he’s still a man, but it’s the loyalty that I like,” she added before breaking in tears. “It’s like, I can leave and he’s there for me.”

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