Loni Love Explains Her Caucasian Boo Is “Down For Her People” And How Quarantine Brought Them Even Closer

Author and daytime talk show host Loni Love is staying busy all quarantine. She’s been entertaining her boo at home and still doing press, making an appearance on Tamron Hall’s show to talk about life at home with James and how it’s affecting their relationship positively.

The quarantine has made me realize a lot of things — if me and James can be together and he doesn’t die from my cooking, then we’re meant to be together. He is my boo. He is my partner and I want that for all women. As people know, in the book I talk about how I met James later on in my life and I don’t want people to ever give up on love because you never know.

On having to defend being a black woman in an interracial relationship, Love said:

I don’t know why people think that because you’re black and if you date someone outside of the race, that you’re not gonna be down for your people still? I only hang with people that are for me and my people, but I would never be with somebody that wouldn’t support what I support, which is equality for my people to make sure that injustices are fought.”

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