Lil Yachty Addresses Alleged Video Of Him Giving A Beat Down At Rolling Loud

Lil Yachty has always been known to mind his business and not bother a soul. Everything about his personality is a free spirit, fun-loving, babyface rapper. A rapper who doesn’t smoke, drink or talk crazy at all. There was his arrest in college for credit card scamming but he’s from Atlanta where you have to know how to credit card scam to graduate. It happens, besides that, you really can’t find any evidence online he’s ever bothered a soul. Usually when someone has the spirit and image Yachty has there is always that one person who just has to try him. Usually you see the person that goes against the grain coming a mile away but this time a random stranger decided to get bold with the rapper and it didn’t go the way he thought it would.

This past weekend marked the 2019 Rolling Loud fest held in Los Angeles California. After Yachty’s set, he was heading for the exit when an unidentified attendee of the show walked between his crowd of around 10 people and pushed the rapper. When confronted the man decided to get disrespectful. That’s when Yachty seemingly had enough and hit the man with a left hook and his team jumped in to assist.

After his team jumped in, a video seemingly shows the rapper giving the man a few kicks to remind him ain’t nothing sweet. After the video went viral Yachty went on his Instagram to address the matter. You can hear his side of the story below. Even staying out the way Yachty has landed his second wave of bad press after his bounced check situation with a jeweler. Maybe next time Yachty should let the crew handle it to avoid lawsuits.

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