Lil Wayne Now Looks Like ‘COMPLETE JUNKIE’; Pics Of Him Allegedly On Heroin Leak!

Fresh off his Donald Trump for President endorsement, rapper Lil Wayne is making news again, and this time for his appearance. A recently surfaced pic of Wayne is fueling rumors that the “Greatest Rapper Alive” may be strung out on heroin.

Word On The Curb..A candid shot of Tunechi leaked yesterday, and shows him looking extremely gaunt – and well . . . like a “drug addict.”


Lil Wayne has admitted in the past that he struggled with an addiction to codeine syrup.

They say that codeine, syrup and heroin use the same compound, to get a person high – morphine. Of course, the high with heroin is much stronger, and the drug is far more addictive.

Many heroin addicts start off as codeine sippers, then as their addiction progresses, they switch over to heroin.

We hope that’s not what happened to Wayne. But this pic is just – wow!

So where do all the heroine rumors come from? Well, according to the Miami Herald, in 2019 cops found some “smack” tucked away in Wayne’s Coach bag. Officers claim that they found a gold-plated gun with a pearl grip, along with several different hard drugs.

The list of drugs states Tunechi was carrying heroin, molly, cocaine and weed. It’s unclear as to the quantities of each drug.

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  1. He is so ugly. A child molester Lil Wayne put voodoo on me in April of 2020. The police are saying that Voodoo is not a crime but when you have someone sitting here constantly raping you with the voodoo doll and has a demonic Spell on You what can you do he is definitely on drugs and admitted that he is molesting his children he needs help but he is considered dead at this point the world needs to know that Lil Wayne is a fraud a fake and a phony and I will prove that

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