Lil Wayne Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Weed Posession!! (Mack Maine In Jail)

Rapper Lil Wayne and his manager Mack Maine were apprehended by authorities in Saudi Arabia, and accused of weed possession.

Unlike much of the world, Saudi Arabia still takes marijuana use VERY seriously, and Mack Maine is rumored to now be incarcerated there.

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine were in the country because Lil Wayne was to perform at a concert in Riyadh, along with fellow rappers Future, and Tyga. Mack Maine, Young Money’s manager, was there to make sure everything went smoothly.

According to online reports, Lil Wayne was discovered to have marijuana on him by authorities. His longtime friend and manager Mack Maine allegedly stepped in, and took the blame for the weed possession – so Wayne could leave the country.

We reached out to reps for Mack Maine, but have not received a response.

Here’s a tweet sent out by Lil Wayne, shortly after he left the Middle Eastern City of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia..

And here is how a top Saudi official responded:

Another official replied to Weezy in a similar fashion: “Drugs are not allowed in Saudia Arabia and I am sure that our guys informed you before, and you thought that we are kidding,so shut up and go back to your home.”

It’s common knowledge that drug laws are extremely strict in the Gulf countries, but apparently Weezy thought he could get around it being who he is. However, he was wrong.

Lil Wayne is the latest celebrity to face arrest in Saudi Arabia over drug charges. Last year Future’s DJ was held in Saudi for nearly 3 months – for weed possession.

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