Lil Kim & Talib Kweli Talk About The Queen Bee Being Rejected By Feminists

Two Brooklyn icons collided when Talib Kweliand Lil Kim sat down to chat about the pint-sized emcee’s rap career. Kim was visiting Talib on his UPROXX show People’s Party, and the New Yorkers took a walk down memory lane as they revisited stories about Kim’s rise to stardom as well as mutual friends they both know in the hip hop game.

As with every Lil Kim interview, the topic of her relationship with Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace is unavoidable. The rapper shared that she never missed his shows and would always be there when he was performing on the block. When they spoke about Diddy, Kim said that the first time she met him she was “mesmerized,” mostly because she was a huge fan of Jodeci, a group that Diddy helped develop. She added that Sean Combs deserves the title of “Godfather” and warrants more credit than people give him.

She also added that Biggie always did his best to make sure that his crew was taken care of. “He kicked the door down for everybody and he brung everybody through the door,” she said. “Some people have kicked the door down and said, ‘Okay, now run through it.’ He kicked the door down and dragged everybody through. When he did that, he expected the same mind frame he had to process for everybody and unfortunately, they didn’t.”


Elsewhere in the video, they spoke about feminism and how Kim was rejected throughout her career by certain movements because of her raunchy lyrics. Kim said she was surprised by how offended people, especially women, were with some of her imagery, most notably the photos where she was squatting down with her legs open. 

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