Lil Boosie SNITCHES – Claims He Bought 2 Kilos Of Cocaine From DJ Khaled!!

Rapper Lil Boosie is coming under fire, for allegedly snitching on his former drug connect – allegedly DJ Khaled. In an explosive new video, Boosie appears to claim that he used to purchase narcotics from the world famous DJ.

Boosie made the explosive remarks during an interview with a popular Youtube web channel. During then interviewer, a journalist asked Boosie what was the craziest thing that he ever bought.

After thinking for a few seconds, Boosie then revealed some potentially incriminating evidence.

Boosie said, “I was on tour one time and bought 2 keys of coke off [Khaled].”

It’s not 100% clear that he said ‘Khaled’, but most people believe he was referring to DJ Khaled.

Boosie didn’t specify when the alleged sale of narcotics took place, but it’s clear that the two artists toured in 2015 – as seen in the below video:

So is there any chance of Khaled getting in trouble over this revelation. Well MTO news looked into it – and the answer is maybe.

Assuming that what Boosie is saying is true, it may have occurred too long ago, and the statute of limitations may bar prosecutors from looking into it.

At the state level, the statute of limitations for felony drug charges varies from between three years to seven years.

On the federal level, the statute of limitations is five years.

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