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Meagan Good’s Lighter Skin?

Meagan Good popped up at an advanced screening for Black & Blue, the cop flick starring Naomie Harris and Tyrese. Usually her appearances don’t merit too much fanfare and front page news but this is different. 

Meagan showed up looking somewhat different than she has in the past. Is it the thick eyebrows? Eh…it’s not that. It’s the fact that she is out here looking considerably lighter than she has in the past. 

This has caused the internet to speculate about what the hell is going on? Are we talking about lighting? It there a makeup fiasco going on? Is she doing something…uh…different?

You know that people have a weird infatuation with speculating about most things Meagan does and this is no different. 

That preacher tearing her down. She looks a mess..

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