#LHHH: Fizz Is Dirty Dogging Moniece While Being Sprung On Apryl And Twitter Is ROASTING Him For It

We just love it when the reality shows start to catch up to the drama we witnessed in real-time. We were all pretty shocked when we saw Fizz and Aprylcanoodling on Instagram and pouring copious amounts of dirt on Omarion’s name. It was all rather confusing. Now Love & Hip-Hop is finally giving us the inside story on the relationship and how it’s coming to be.

As we learned last week, it appears as though this is all about Apryl feeling slighted by Omarion and wanting to get back at him while Fizz is just all about smashing her yadadameans to smithereens.

The relationship got even deeper this week as Apryl expressed some mental anguish and emotional difficulties and Fizz was right by her side the whole time. While the moment even had Apryl’s family thanking Fizz for his dedication…

the rest of the world was wondering why the hell he didn’t have the same energy for Moniece when she was dealing with these same problems?

Fizz really just dipped on her and is suddenly Mr. Dependable for Apryl? The shade of it all

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