LeToya Luckett Calls out Her Husband Tommi Walker on ‘Friends And Family Hustle’

LeToya Luckett and her husband Tommi Walker are grieving the death of Tommi’s mother. And it’s been a difficult time for both of them. While Tommi is really missing the close relationship he had with his mother, LeToya feels as if Tommi hasn’t been willing to open up enough about his emotions. So it’s been really hard for them to communicate.

As a result of this, LeToya and Tommi have decided to get some therapy together. LeToya was hoping that therapy would help them get things back on track.

But on the upcoming episode of “Friends And Family Hustle,” it seems as if Tommi hasn’t completely agreed to give therapy a real chance.

So LeToya gets upset and calls him out.

On the current season of “Friends And Family Hustle,” LeToya Luckett is having some tension with her husband Tommi Walker.

Although they agreed to get therapy to help them cope with their issues amid the passing of Tommi’s mother, Tommi appears to have some problems with doing so on the upcoming episode.

And this upsets LeToya. So she ends up calling him out about it and she tells him that he’s acting like an “a*shole.”

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