Lauren London’s making it perfectly clear she’s NOT dating Diddy or anyone else for that matter … ’cause it’ll be her and Nipsey Hussle ’til the end of time.

Lauren took to Instagram Thursday and posted a picture of the late rapper and captioned it “Still His! King Ermias! Never Forget!” And, for those who didn’t get the message the first time she took it a step further and said, “Stop f***ing playing with me and my name. Now let me get back to healing.”

The actress felt compelled to quash rumors she and Diddy are dating after Diddy reportedly posted — and then deleted — a couple of black and white pics of him and Lauren.

Diddy initially captioned the Instagram pics “#lostfiles … @laurenlondon❤️.” The pics, BTW, were taken at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Pre-Grammy brunch last month. Reports started to surface not long after speculating Diddy and Lauren were a thing. But, Lauren’s not about to have it.

She also posted on her Instagram Story to make it crystal clear … it’s her and Nipsey forever.

For the record, Diddy eventually re-posted his pic with Lauren on his Instagram Story and captioned it “More Lost Files … Me & My Sister @laurenlondon at the @rocnation brunch.”

Enough said.

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