LAMAR ODOM HAS BEEN ORDERED TO PAY EX $380K For Blowing Off Support Payments

Word On The Curb..Lamar Odom has been ordered to pay his ex nearly $400,000 … after a judge ruled the former NBA star hadn’t pay a cent of support in over a year.

In court docs, a New York judge ruled Odom had stopped making payments to his ex, Liza Morales, in June of last year, despite a 2015 settlement agreement requiring the NBA legend to pay thousands of dollars per month for the benefit of the former couple’s two kids.

In all, the court hit Odom with a $380,549 tab, including $91,220 in outstanding child support, $88,117 in missed rent, $161,305 for their children’s college funds and expenses, and nearly $40k for her legal fees and expenses.

Morales had sued Odom back in May, claiming the former basketball player had missed all the payments he agreed to make since June 2020.

In the court’s ruling, the judge noted Odom did not show up for a key hearing in the case in June “despite due notice.”

Odom and Morales — a reality TV star — dated for years in the early 2000s … and she and their children publicly supported him after his 2015 overdose.

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