Lamar Odom Regrets Not Taking Jay Z’s Financial Advice About Real Estate

Lamar Odom told Jay Z years ago that he wanted to launch a record label, but the rapper advised him to invest his money elsewhere.

Over the years, Lamar Odom has expressed regret for many decisions he’s made in the past. The former NBA star’s near-death experience prompted him to transform his life and Lamar continues to walk the road to recovery. He’s reportedly working through his sobriety from drug and sex addictions with the help of his fiancé Sabrina Parr.

Recently, Odom chatted with In Depth with Graham Bensinger about a few financial regrets he made during his wilder days, as well. When speaking about his worst financial decision, Odom said he was in a Miami nightclub with a friend for a birthday celebration. They were drinking rosé and a football player seated in a section near them told Odom to “step [his] game up” because the footballer was sipping on Ace of Spades. Odom stated that he felt his manhood was attacked so he ordered 10 bottles of Moet rosé for his own table and 10 bottles for the table next to the football player. In total, Odom gave away 100 bottles of Moet that night throughout the club. In the end, the flex set him back around $120K.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star also revealed the advice he’d give his old self: “‘No’ should be your favorite word.” According to Odom, you’ll find out just how a person feels about you when you have to tell them “no.” Odom also shared that when he told Jay Z he wanted to start a record label, the Roc Nation mogul advised him to go into real estate like Magic Johnson.

At the time, Odom had a “gifted” rapper that he wanted to sign so he thought Jay Z was trying to get rid of the competition. Lamar Odom now sees that Jay was just trying to “help a young man out.

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