Lamar Odom says he REALLY misses Kobe Bryant — because Kobe would often act as a life coach for Odom, who admits he could really use Bryant’s wisdom right now.

Odom and Bryant weren’t just teammates — they were incredibly close friends. Remember, when Odom suffered his 2015 overdose in Nevada, Kobe was one of the first people who rushed to the hospital to be by his side.

Now, Odom says he’s adjusting to life without his brother — and admits the whole situation sucks.

“I’m alright,” Odom told us outside of Staples Center on Tuesday … “I miss my guy though. Real talk.”

Odom says he relied on Bryant to advise him through tough situations — and he’s currently in the middle of one right now — admitting he’s getting criticism from fans who are unhappy that Odom pawned his 2008-09 and 2009-10 Lakers championship rings.

First, I would ask him how do I get these fans to forgive me for pawning those rings?”

As we previously reported, Odom pawned the rings several years ago during his drama with Khloe Kardashian.

Clearly, Odom wants them back — but it’ll cost him. The rings recently hit the auction block where they were expected to sell for around $100,000.

There’s more … Odom says he reconnected with some of his old Lakers teammates during Tuesday night’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans and they reminisced about Kobe.

Odom also says he’s considering getting a tattoo tribute to Kobe on his body — similar to what LeBron James and Anthony Davis have already done.

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