La La Anthony Admits Coronavirus Quarantine Has Left Her ‘Anxious And Uncertain’And We.. Don’t..Caaaaaare!

La La Anthony opened up about her life while on coronavirus lockdown.

During a video interview with TooFab, the 38-year-old got candid about her time in quarantine. Anthony said that although she and her family have anxiety due to the uncertainty that comes with COVID-19, she is trying to keep her positivity.

“I’m just trying to stay sane in the middle of such uncertain times,” she said. “People always ask, ‘How are you getting through the quarantine?’ If I go day by day that works for me. If I start thinking too far in advance I just get stressed out and anxious.'”

She added that the quarantine situation has taken a toll on her son Kiyan, 13. “Like sticking my kid in front of a computer and saying: ‘Go to school! Go to class! Pay attention!’… they have anxiety and uncertainty about what’s going on in the world right now,” she admitted.

The Power actress also made note that she’s enjoying slowing her life down and seeing others do the same, spending time with loved ones.

“It just gives you an appreciation for things that maybe you didn’t pay attention to before,” Anthony told TooFab. “I think when we do come out of this everyone is going to come out a different person, and with a different appreciation for taking care of each other, and taking care of the world.”

But although the coronavirus has people taking a break and staying indoors, Anthony was still able to get one episode of her new show, Reclaim Your Life, out to fans.

In the Facebook Watch series, she reportedly gives women both an emotional and physical makeover, which we’ll all need after this long quarantine.

“We’re taking women who kind of feel like they are struck in life right now,” she said in the interview. “Whether their self-esteem has been knocked down, their confidence, from careers, relationships, families, heartbreak — things that we all can relate to.”

“They get an internal makeover first, then the icing on the cake is get a makeover from my glam team,” she continued.

According to TooFab, Anthony plans to finish filming new episodes after the coronavirus pandemic settles.

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