Kylie Jenner Really Dressed Her Body, Face And Hair Up To Be Beyonce In This Pic And Twitter Is Fed Up

The Jennerdashians have made a whole empire out of their desire to be Black women. This isn’t anything new. Kim, Khloe and Kylie especially have framed their entire existences on the belief that they can surgically make themselves Black and get embraced by the world. Well, they’re pretty much right. They’ve been credited with trends like braids, hoop earrings, camouflage, and even cakes.

Their main target of appropriation, of course, is Beyonce. The entire clan has fashioned themselves after Bey and wanting to be just like her. Kim wants Beyonce’s approval so damn bad, it’s sad. Just last month, the internet got shattered when Kim revealed that she did, in fact, get an Ivy Park box.

Well, Kylie one-upped everyone by posting this pic:

And boy does she look like a very fake, very concerning version of Beyonce? Like, she doesn’t look like Beyonce but she looks like she’s trying to look like Beyonce.

@sarah_smileee: “How dare Kylie post them pictures saying she’s her own muse when the muse is so clearly Beyoncé:

Kylie’s IG post said that she was her own muse but, as has been pointed out, she is clearly inspired by one Beyonce Knowles Carter. She was really lying to us and needs to just give credit where it’s absolutely due. You know that’s not the Jennerdashian way.

There’s, of course, those of us who will never look at Kylie in the face and think she ever looks like Beyonce. Even the assertion will make us want to fight someone. So this reactions are more than justified.

@LIBGyal: “aT FiRsT gLaNCe”

B**** never in my life would I see a picture of Kylie Jenner and think Beyoncé and I’m literally legally blind in my left eye.

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