Krooked Legged K At It Again..

K. Michelle

K. Michelle Under Fire

We all thought that this week would be all about the cat fight between Apryl and Moniece. However, that feud ended without much fireworks as the two, ahem, singers seemed to bury the hatchet so they could tour together in a not-at-all convoluted storyline. No, the story coming out of Monday’s episode was K. Michelle. 

K. Michelle did an interview on the show and went all the way in on Moniece and Apryl’s singing voices and their struggling careers. The problem is that Moniece has been K. Michelle’s best friend and supporter on the show since day one. For K. Michelle to throw her under the bus is quite the stab in the back and Twitter has definitely noticed…

If people don’t realize K. Michelle is nobody’s friend and is toxic & miserable af, I don’t know when they’ll get it. She’s a trash ass friend, period. Elle Varner, Jonathan, and now Moniece. There’s a common denominator and pattern, her BS.

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