Kimbella Goes Toe to Toe With Yandy After She Brings Up Chrissy ‘Molly Whoppin’ Her

It seems things finally came to a head between Yandy Smith-Harris and Kimbella Vanderhee on “Love and Hip Hop: New York” this season.

The two co-stars were the best of friends at one point in time before becoming foes, but now they can’t be in the same room with each other without exchanging words. In the Feb. 10 episode, Smith and Vanderhee can be seen coming to blows after getting into a heated argument.

The show’s season trailer showed Smith running up on Vanderhee, but viewers were clueless to the reason behind their fight. However, it was recently revealed that Smith brought up Vanderhee’s fight with Chrissy Lampkin from eight years ago, which triggered their altercation in the upcoming episode. 

The teaser showed Vanderhee yelling at Smith, “Stop talking about me and the s–t that I done been through.” 

Smith responded to her former bestie and mentioned Vanderhee’s supposed new friendship with Lampkin, the woman who was the enemy of both at one point. 

You befriend somebody that molly whopped that ass across the floor,” Smith said to Vanderhee, recounting her former friend’s public fight with Lampkin. 

Vanderhee clearly was offended by Smith’s comments and threw a drink on her. Smith reacted by throwing a drink back and charging at Vanderhee. Security intervened between the ladies as they came to blows.

LHHNY” viewers felt Smith’s remarks about Vanderhee’s fight with Lampkin fueled their confrontation.

“Yandy definitely hit a nerve when she brought up Chrissy beating that ass?how you the best of friends with a b–ch that beat yo ass on tv ?”

“Kimbella was mad lmaoooo she didn’t wanna hear that s–t ? she got draggedddddd. Now Yandy bout to get to molly whoppin”

“Right Yandy. Kimbella so stupid. How you friends with somebody who beat you up? ? Kim slick still made about the fight with Chrissy that’s why she threw that drink”

Chrissy really did ‘Molly Whop’ her though ? Yandy hit a nerve on Kimbella when she said that ?

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