Kim Zolciak Launches New ‘Spiritual Academy’: Called A ‘Scam’ By Fans

Kim Zolciak launched her “Spiritual Academy” last week.

Fans can pay $77 a month to join the academy.

“This is a private members-only community for people who are truly passionate about living their best life!” Kim captioned the post. “It is for anyone who wants to increase their vibration and manifest their desires.”

She continues, I don’t know if you are aware but you align with whatever your dominant vibrations are. We want all of you to vibrate on the same frequency as success, happiness, and abundance and we are here to help you get there.”

Fans were unsure as to how Kim is trained to help them out spiritually, but they say $77 is way too high.

Kim adds, “When you learn to increase your vibration, you will begin to manifest your dreams. Honestly, nearly every big success is built upon failure. Sometimes we are often fooled by the “darkness before the dawn” and stop before we reach that success.”

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