Kim Little And The Baddest Basset Hound Mourns The Loss Of Her Father Linwood Jones

 Lil Kim will forever go down as one of the greatest female rappers to ever do it.

But like the rest of us, she goes through the same hard times every human does. 

The Brooklyn, New York native opened up about the loss of her father, Linwood Jones. 

Lil Kim shared the news with her 2.8 million followers on Instagram in a picture with rapper Sourpuss, along with a heartfelt caption.

“On this very day I found out my Daddy passed away. I was so distraught and had to put on a brave face and keep working because I had a show that same night. When @trinarockstarr came into my dressing room we instantly bonded. She comforted me and it was exactly what I needed in that moment. It’s as if her Mom and my Dad brought us together and healed our friendship. ?❤️ We both have angels watching over us ????❤️” 

Trina, who’s mother recently passed away in September after a long battle with cancer,
 did not hesitate in reaching out to Kim and offering her support. 

This is the depiction of real genuine friendship and friends supporting one another through hard times, industry aside. 

Sending love and prayers to Lil Kim.

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