Kid Rock Is Closing His Detroit Restaurant After His Anti-Oprah Rant

Kid Rock is suffering the consequences of his drunken tirade against Oprah Winfrey and others. Kid has been getting roasted by social groups, especially in Detroit where he’s been the target of the National Action Network (NAN) who planned a whole media event about it. Well, Kid has decided he can’t stand the heat and will quite literally be getting out of the kitchen. He ranted (hopefully sober this time) on Facebook saying that he’s closing his Made in Detroit restaurant at the Little Caesars Arena. And he also told Rev. Al Sharpton to screw off. Not in those words but… almost.

The Detroit Free Press says that Kid’s restaurant will not be renewing its lease. Kid went off on Facebook talking about how he was run out of town and wants to “go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” Kid has operated his Made in Detroit restaurant since 2017, and apparently people love it? I’m sure he has nothing to do with the restaurant operations and is purely a money guy. Unless, is there a deep-fried twinkie on the menu?–Just checked there’s a fried banana-split.

Kid went on to say that he has done a lot for Detroit:

“I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough. I will let the NAN network and others go ahead and take the wheel now. Good luck.”

Kid can hold a grudge and he let us know this again by mentioning Al Sharpton, who got him fired from a sweet General Motors deal in 2015 for using a Confederate Flag. Al Sharpton founded NAN in 1991, so Kid made sure to end his Facebook rant by roasting Al, swearing he’s not a racist, and declaring his love for Trump.

“I may be guilty of being a loud mouth jerk at times, but trying to label me racist is a joke, and actually only does a disservice to the black community, which I have supported my entire life, by trying to alienate myself and many others. PS–Hey Al Sharpton, you or your cronies will never beat me you tax evading, race baiting clown! Trump 2020!”

Al Sharpton responded to TMZ about Kid Rock calling him out and said that he loved getting Kid fired for “using the flag of slavery, of lynching” and that if Kid’s leaving Detroit because of him, it’s a “success.”

“I think it’s Two-to-One–Two-to-Zero, really. Mr. Kid Rock: you’re losing.”

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