Keyshia Cole’s Mom Frankie Insists Her Dad Is An Italian Man She Met ‘When I Was A Lady Of Leisure’

While Keyshia Cole had a teary-eyed reunion with her father, boxing coach Virgil Hunter in 2016, her mother Frankie still believes that the singer’s biological father is an Italian man she was acquainted with during her days of prostitution.

Virgil Hunter 
also dished on finding Keyshia Cole in 2017.

Keyshia Cole, who was raised by her adopted parents, asked her mom about her nationality on her talk show (One On One With Keyshia Cole), stating that Frankie previously told her she was mixed. Frankie said Keyshia Cole’sbiological father is Italian, and that Keyshia has never seen a photo of him.

Frankie said,

He’s a guy I used to date… when I was a lady of leisure. And I became attached because he tried… to get me to stop doing prostitution, and…He picked me up and told me you’re too pretty to be on the street, and he took me to his bar and I drunk and drunk and we talked, we didn’t do anything. He said, you don’t need to out here. What are you doing? What are you doing? He used to come and get me and say ‘How much do your pimp want?’ And he would give me the money to take to him and he would keep me all night and talk to me. He cared, he really cared.”

“He was a wonderful guy. He wasn’t my type

But Keyshia Cole said that another man is claiming to be her father, while Frankie denied it.

“He’s not.”

“He’s not.”

Frankie said the last time she had contact with the man she believes is Keyshia’s dad was right after Keyshia was born. But she said that she was told he’s since died from alcoholism. She added.

“He was much older than me. If he was alive today he would be in his hundreds. I’m going on 60, and he was… We got 60 plus 40 and that’s a hundred.

Keyshia then saluted her adoptive father and said,

My dad worked, I never was abused, I was never touched by my family and that’s a blessing. I just walk away with my blessings and count them because a lot of things happen to children out there that are in foster care, that are adopted, that are in group homes…”

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