Keyshia Cole Lets It Be Known She’s Not Her 23-Year-Old Boyfriend’s “Elder”

She may be 15 years older than her beau Niko Khalé, but don’t go around calling Keyshia Colehis “elder.” The R&B singer has been happily in love with Niko for some time now and the couple recently welcomed their son into the world. There have been plenty of people who have shared snide remarks about their age difference, but it hasn’t deterred the couple from moving forward.

Keyshia and Niko sat down with Nick Cannon on his Power 106 show Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about music, reality television, and their relationship. Keyshia shared the best piece of advice that she’s ever received (“Buy your properties!”), admitted her greatest fear (“That we don’t have any control over this planet”), shared the worst advice she’s ever received (“Go ahead and punch her in the face”), and listed her top five favorite R&B artists (“Faith Evans, Brandy, Monica, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston”).

Things took a minor turn when Nick asked Niko about dating “royalty” and said he knew what it was like, referencing his previous marriage to Mariah Carey who is 11 years older than him. While speaking, Nick called Keyshia Niko’s “elder,” and she was quick to snap back. “I am not a f*ckin’ elder!” she retorted. “I am not his f*ckin’ elder. No. Mariah’s your elder. I am not his elder.” 

They were able to laugh about it, but Nick did go on to say that Mariah helped to “mold and shape” him into a better man.

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