Kevin Hart Reveals He’s On The Road To Change Following Car Crash

Kevin Hart was in a car crash back in September 2019 and it nearly killed him. In a new issue of Men’s Health, Kevin said to reporters that he wasn’t getting back to where he was before the crash, but he aimed to be “better than before.”

“It’s a resurrection,” the comedian remarked. Kevin stated that the aforementioned phrase was the best way of putting it because his old self died on the day of the crash. The new version was born on the same day.

Fans of Kevin Hart, 40, know he suffered serious back injuries while riding passenger in the crash. He even had to get back surgery. For March’s issue of Men’s Health, Kevin posed shirtless, showing off the large scar down the center of his back.

During his chat with the magazine, Hart explained that he didn’t remember much about it, other than riding in the ambulance with his wife, Eniko Parrish. Additionally, Hart shared that his path to recovery also matched his “mindful progression.”

In other words, the epiphanies and realizations he has come upon in recent years coincided with this recovery back to health

With all that said, the car crash had a significant impact on his mobility. The Night School alum explained that he couldn’t even move. Even getting to the point where he could put his own socks on again was a huge improvement.

Kevin went on to add that he realized the importance of life while laying in his hospital bed, which isn’t cars, money, jewelry, material possessions or fame, but personal relationships. Fans of Kevin know he and Eniko Parrish got married back in August 2016.

However, their relationship has been marred by controversy along the way, primarily his cheating scandal in the following year. He later admitted to infidelity in December 2017. Later, the very same woman in the tape tried to extort Kevin out of money, alleging that she was videotaped unknowingly.

Eniko also spoke with Men’s Health, stating that the accident really brought Kevin back to center, especially in relation to his family. In other words, he spent a lot more time with his family post-accident, and also realized that’s what matters the most.

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