Keshia Knight Pulliam Wants Ex-Hubby Ed Hartwell Jailed For Allegedly Owing $32K In Court Ordered Child Support

Keshia Knight Pulliam accused her former spouse Ed Hartwell of being a deadbeat dad and failing to provide for their child to the tune of almost $32,000 – and now she wants him behind bars.

The actress and reality star said Hartwell has chronically failed to support their daughter, and she’s had enough and wants him fined $5,000 and jailed for three weeks or until he settles his debt to her.

Under the terms of their child support order, Hartwell is supposed to pay Pulliam $3,007 a month for their little girl, Ella, who will be three years old this year. But Pulliam said Hartwell has been paying less than half the amount, and despite her protestations, he didn’t pay anything at all for at least one month, according to court papers. The mom said that Hartwell’s failure to pay has caused him to accrue a child support debt of $31,647.

Pulliam said Hartwell has shown that he has no regard for court orders or his responsibilities as a dad. She cited a financial affidavit that shows Hartwell makes $9,000 a month from NFL disability, so he has the money to pay, but just isn’t doing it.

Hartwell’s “intentional conduct is reprehensible and completely contrary to the well-being and best interests of the parties’ minor child,” Pulliam’s complaint,

Pulliam also accused the former pro athlete and one time “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member of ignoring a previous court order to shell out more than $8,000 to her for utilities and move out expenses for their former family home, $800 for a paternity test and nearly $5,000 in lawyers fees, according to court docs.

Hartwell hadn’t responded to the lawsuit as of April 21.

Hartwell and Pulliam were married in 2016 – however, they separated just six months later, with both sides admitting that the marriage was “irretrievably broken,” with no chance of reconciliation, their divorce petitions state.

Pulliam accused Hartwell of being cruel to her during her pregnancy with their daughter, which led her to fear for her emotional and mental health, according to her complaint. She said he publicly questioned whether he was the child’s father, wasn’t there for her during the pregnancy, and was barely around the first year of the girl’s life.

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