Kenya MooreWhore & Cynthia DL Loving Bailey FIRED From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!!

Kenya Moore is officially NOT coming back for next season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to an executive at Bravo, the network has decided to go in another direction for next season.

And Cynthia Bailey has been let go also.

Next season’s cast has not yet been set, and filming for the new season hasn’t begun either – but Bravo is putting together its cast for the upcoming season. And that cast WON’T include two of your favorite Housewives.

Bravo is currently wrapping up filming two Atlanta Housewives spin-off shows, one for Kandi and one for Porsha. Then the network will turn to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

The Bravo exec explained, “So far w’re only bringing back Porsha and Kandi, and then we’ll build out an entirely new cast around them.”

The cast will consist of “well known” Atlanta women in their 30s.

And news of Cynthia and Kenya’s firing must have gotten to Kenya, because she’s changed her social media profile pages to remove “Atlanta Housewife” from the description. She’s also unfollowed Andy and removed her “happy birthday” post that she sent him earlier this year.

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