Kelly Rowland: My Husband Is No Longer My Manager; And I Went Broke!

Word On The Curb…Kelly Rowland is speaking out openly about how she went “broke,” while being managed by her husband Tim Weatherspoon

And Kelly claims that the two are no longer working together officially. Now they are now “just” husband and wife, as Tim is no longer her manager.

While Kelly didn’t go into much detail about the couple’s professional relationship or Tim’s ability as a manager, she did say, “There was a time where I almost lost everything … I was too busy trying to keep up [with the Joneses] – whether it was [getting the newest] look, the car, the house … all that silliness.”

Kelly added, “I was a rich person that was broke. I was ‘rich-broke.'”

The former Destiny’s Child singer added, “I will never forget having this moment where I called my best friend, and she told me when was that last time you gave [tithe].”

Kelly claimed that she began tithing, and her financial position changed.

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