KeKe Wyatt’s Ex-Hubby Michael Alleges She’s Illegally Kept Kids Away For Over 18 Months

Michael J. Ford, the ex-husband to singer KeKe Wyatt, has a huge problem with the star because she’s allegedly been keeping their kids from seeing him for over a year and a half, he claims.

The father made his and KeKe’s custody battle public by accusing the mother of 10 of illegally keeping their baby girl away from him as he gave her a birthday shout out on Instagram. In the post, Michael claims that KeKe is in contempt of a court order by keeping all of their kids from him. He says that he’s already scheduled to see her in court soon over the matter.

Today is bittersweet for me as it’s your 5th Birthday Ke’Yoshi Bella…. It’s been 18 months since I last seen your beautiful energetic lil face in person and as bad as I wanna see you, hug you, kiss you, shower you with love, affection, and gifts i can’t because Unfortunately you’re being illegally withheld from me (along with my other babies) by someone who is in contempt of a legal court order..

God has allowed my strength, temperament, and patience to be tried and tested however I know He is on the side of right and truth so the battle has already been won! I’ll see that person in court soon as a court date has already been set so hold on Bella daddy’s coming to get you baby and we’re definitely getting sugar wasted for your belated birthday party! With love Daddy ?? #itsabovemenow”

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