KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS ATL MAYOR URGES COMMON SENSE… Don’t Listen to Governor or the President!!!

Keisha Lance Bottoms says she’s “dumbfounded” by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp‘s decision to reopen the state’s economy despite red flags everywhere … so she’s using her voice to try to keep people safe during the pandemic instead.

The Mayor of Atlanta tells us she understands people are going stir-crazy and want to get out, but she believes everyone still needs to be responsible and stay home for now … otherwise coronavirus problems are only going to get worse.

Bottoms points out the businesses set to reopen this week — hair & nail salons, barbershops, massage parlors — practically make it impossible to social distance and pose a huge problem in ATL’s black community … which has already been hit hard by COVID-19.

So, the mayor’s encouraging Georgians to listen to reason coming from health experts and hospital workers bearing the brunt of the crisis … instead of what Gov. Kemp and President Trump are pushing. We know some celeb hair & makeup stylists in Atlanta have her back.

Bottoms knows it’s a challenge, though, because she’s dealing with it in her own house — especially with her 18-year-old son. Listen to what Bottoms tells us about how that’s playing out … it’s clear who’s boss!

BTW … remember this clip, because the Mayor’s gonna be a national star. Just our opinion.

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