KANYE WEST Haters & Critics Be Damned I’M NOT TURNING AROUND!!!

Kanye West is on a mission to God, and a flood of unfavorable album reviews certainly won’t get in the way of that … he’s not going back to his old stuff.

Sources close to Kanye tell us he’s 100% serious when he says he’ll never perform his old music in its original form again. We’re told he’s hell-bent on his newfound faith — and will continue to create the music HE wants — which hasn’t been well received so far.

“Jesus is King” dropped Friday, and many complained the project feels incomplete … like a bunch of song demos all lumped together on one album. The whole thing is 11 songs and runs just 27 minutes.

Our Kanye sources say he’s not concerned with the below-average reviews … he’s making music for God and is a changed man.

One thing fans of the “Old Kanye” can hold onto … while we’re told he’ll never perform his old tracks in their original form again … fans can expect to hear familiar beats and rhymes, but with altered and more “G” rated lyrics.

In fact, Kanye said as much when he sat down with Big Boy for a lengthy interview just prior to the album’s release.

We got Kanye in NYC Friday who promised a “Jesus is King” tour right away — his first since his hospitalization in 2016 — where fans will get a full glimpse of the New Ye.

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