Kanye West claims every year of marriage to Kim Kardashian feels like 100 years

Kanye West joined The Late Late Show With James Corden for “Airpool” Karaoke Monday night, were the rapper slipped up and almost equated his 5-year marriage to Kim Kardashian to dealing with a mental breakdown and being massively in debt. Fortunately for Kanye, he caught himself before doing so, but his explanation wasn’t much better.

While talking about how people can relate to his music because of his own experiences, Kanye said, “If it was just, ‘Oh, we grew up with this guy’s music and now he’s a superstar’, it’s less compelling than, ‘Oh, this guy had a mental breakdown. This guy was in debt. This guy’s been through…’” That’s when Kanye caught himself before saying something that could have gotten him in trouble at home. But again, the save wasn’t much better. “Ya know, not been through, but this guy has a beautiful five years of marriage,” Kanye said. “You know, marriage years are different than human—like, you know how dogs are, what is it, seven years? Every marriage year is like a hundred years. It’s like 500 years of marriage.”

Marriage comments aside, Kanye’s Airpool Karaoke appearance was pretty epic. The rapper has famously bailed on Carpool Karaoke on multiple occasions, but Kanye made up for it by strapping in not only himself and Corden, but his entire choir and performed the 2004 hit “Jesus Walks.” Kanye, whose new album is titled “Jesus Is King,” has spoken a lot recently about his newfound relationship with God, and it’s that relationship that compelled him to change the lyrics to “Jesus Walks.”

Where Kanye used to rap, “I wanna talk to God but I’m afraid ‘cause we ain’t spoke in so long,” he now says, “I wanna talk to God, I ain’t afraid.”

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