Kanye West Calls Rap Music The “Devil’s Music” Almost Hang Up His Mic..When Is He Going To Hang Up His Wife?!

Kanye West is considering hanging up his mic because he think

News of Kanye West‘s spiritual awakening and complete switch to gospel rap has caught the hip-hop world a bit off guard, but of course, nothing comes as too much of a surprise when it comes to Kanye anymore. Now, thanks to a new interview with West’s pastor, Adam Tyson, we know that at one point, he was considering quitting rap altogether. Tyson revealed that the controversial rap star reportedly denounced the rap game entirely, calling it “the devil’s music.”

Seemingly taking some of the credit for Kanye’s continued presence in the music industry, Pastor Tyson told Christian-based media outlet, Apologia, that he helped convince ‘Ye that he could continue rapping, saying, “Rap is a genre. You can rap for God.”

Kanye West is currently popping up at random venues without much warning, continuing his gospel-themed show, Sunday Service. Meanwhile, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s fans continue to wait with a combination of hopeful anticipation and mild annoyance for the oft-delayed album, Jesus is King. The newest announcement regarding the project sets the release date at October 25th, alongside an IMAX documentary reportedly detailing the making of the album and the behind-the-scenes of Sunday Service, although it has become difficult to have faith in these supposed release dates as they continue to pass us by with no new music.

Mr. West has a history of stringing along fans and delaying (or entirely shelving) projects, but it seems the public continues to tolerate these disappointments due to Kanye’s undeniable talent. The rapper presumably recorded his previous project, Yandhi, before making a radical shift to devout Christianity, and eventually decided the album release would be put on hold, perhaps indefinitely. 

Jesus Is King is said to be free of curse words and contain Christian themes throughout, and Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West, has confirmed that his newfound devotion to his faith is real, and has changed both the man and the musician.

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