Kanye West brought his Sunday Service pop-up to Howard University — but not everyone supported it

 Kanye West — a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump who once called slavery a choice — brought his Sunday Service performancesto one of the country’s most prestigious historically black colleges Saturday. 
And the faculty and students were kind of here for it, kind of not.
West pulled up to Howard University around 8 a.m., pretty early for most college students. He still drew an appreciative crowd, judging from the videos the university posted.
But not everyone was impressed by the performance. 
Greg Carr, an associate professor at Howard’s Department of Afro-American Studies, asked his followers to send Kanye to the library after the performance.
“I have some books for him,” he wrote, followed by the hashtag #TheMiseducationOfTheNegro.
Another professor at the school, Keneshia Grant, also tweeted her opinion about the performance.
“This Kayne [sic] church thing makes me uncomfortable. There, I said it,” she wrote. 
Writer Frederick Joseph also criticized the school’s embrace of West.
Can’t blame Kanye anymore, he’s shown us who he is. Black people need to stop making space for his anti-Blackness,” he wrote. 
Still, West’s Sunday Service performances — his signature hip-hop and gospel pop-up events — have been huge. Brad Pitt even pulled up to one last month, and it doesn’t get much bigger than that.

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